Top-level Domain: What it is and How to choose one

They also remain very effective ways to reach highly convertible consumers at opportune times.

Standard SEO strategies mean playing the long game and building authority a little at a time over many weeks or months. But search ads deliver relatively quick results and a near-immediate SERP presence. 

Be sure both your ads and your landing pages are on point to maximize results.

2. Social Media Ads

Saying that the average person spends a lot of time on social media nowadays is a real understatement. 

The typical median usage these days is about 2.5 hours daily, so social media ads offer marketers an effective way to connect with consumers in their downtime.

Old-School Advertising

Traditional old-school advertising methods have had to evolve a lot since the internet came along and changed the world of marketing. 

However, they’re still relevant ways to potentially reach people. This is especially the case if you’re looking to target older customers.

For example, younger generations may spend phone leads hours on social media every day, but consumers 50 and older are much more likely to be watching television. 

For instance, Americans between 50-64 years old watch nearly five hours of television daily. Those 65 and over watch closer to 6.5 hours.

If it feels like email

But it shows no signs of falling out of fashion anytime soon. It also still represents an incredible marketing opportunity for digital-age businesses, especially in a day and age that’s seeing options like newsletters making a real comeback.

The key to success when it comes to outbound marketing tactics like cold emails is to make yours personalized, respectful, and potentially valuable. 

Friendly subject lines, personal-sounding Mailing Lead messages, and consistently offering the recipient something worthwhile in exchange for their time can help you succeed here.

(Speaking of newsletters, are you subscribed to ours?)

Many forms of outbound marketing have a reputation for being pushy, intrusive, and irritating among other things, and cold calling can definitely be one of them. 

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