This is how a starting entrepreneur finds his first customers

In practice, anyone can gather a network of 10,000 people; it’s easy, as you send daily contact requests and accept all the requests you receive. However, the result of this is that your own feed becomes a mess: many of the posts that appear in it may not be relevant to you at all, and therefore you will not get the most out of your LinkedIn activities.

I think the problem with quantity over quality thinking is precisely that a large

part of your network members don’t even know who you are – and you don’t know many of them either. Especially for an entrepreneur, it would be important for the LinkedIn network to know him and his activities. Unfortunately, there have also been a lot of bots and fake profiles on LinkedIn, so if you attract thousands of people to your network, you risk including them as well.

When you receive a new contact request, you  France Phone Number List should take a look at this person’s profile before accepting it; this is how you keep junk profiles out of your network. I get a lot of contact requests myself, but I check every one of them. If it looks even a bit like a bot or other fake profile, I will not accept the request.

As an entrepreneur, growing your network is of course important in the sense that every time you get a new member, you also get a new potential customer!

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If you are more specific about who you network with, your feed is more likely to show people and publications that interest you. In addition, your  Mailing Lead network knows you better. 500+ people in your network looks good in itself – but if almost none of them know you or know what you do, it doesn’t matter.

This may be a bit harsh – but if you intend to use LinkedIn in your business, you should think about each member of your network from the point of view of whether you bring any added value to each other.

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