The Outbound Marketing Guide for 2023

When a company has an Inbound Marketing strategy implemented and running, it can attract more leads. 

But this approach may not work correctly if there’s no plan for the next steps.

A strategy that complements this process is Outbound Marketing, influencing these leads to close the deal.


An Outbound Marketing strategy can generate great results, but you need to consider the cons of those actions. The main ones are:

one-way communication;



Outbound Marketing strategies usually involve bigger budgets, and it scares most companies. 

One Way Communication

Digital Marketing strategies run to grab the customer’s attention in indirect ways. The result is the customers look for the company to buy its solution. 

In opposite, Outbound Marketing usa telephone book approaches the clients when they didn’t request. 

This action can make them uncomfortable and less oriented towards the purchase.

Another consequence of the unsolicited approach may be an action of blocking by the audience.

Today, many people know how to use technologies such as advertising blockers, phone call blockers, and spam filters for emails. 

They’re also very good at unsubscribing from not requested email lists. 


Outbound Marketing vs Inbound Marketing: What are the Differences?

Some people compare Outbound Marketing to another marketing process: Inbound Marketing. 

So, they treat them as if they were opposites themselves, which isn’t real. 

To put it in good terms, they’re more Mailing Lead complementary than opposites. To understand how this works, let’s see the differences between them. 

differences between Outbound Marketing and Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is a passive method that persuades the lead to come to the company passively. 


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