The Fixed Capital of the Enterprise

Range Trading – Flat
This strategy is characterized by increased volatility in the direction the currency pair moves within a specific time frame. For example, consider the four-hour chart of the AUD/JPY cross. If EUR/USD has only a steady ascending ZigZag in the same time interval. Which is inherent in a trend, then AUD/JPY has an oscillatory contour.

On H4 time, the cross has 3 descending and growing ZigZags. This movement in currency quotes is called a sideways movement or sideways movement. The chart shows the inner and outer boundaries of the trading range where the currency cross has remained for the second month in a row. Assuming this dynamic is maintained in the near future, traders start opening positions.

Upon Reaching and Slightly Trading the Corridor’s

The pair started moving upwards to the upper border, which  meansositions. So, at the end of the bullish phase, the pair bounced off the upper value and tradersshorted themhe lower end of the range. At first glance, everything is simple and it seems that it is much easier to make money here than on the trend. The main thing is to wait until the crossover is at its extreme value.

There is an opinion that most deposits consolidate in trends, and that is partly true. In pursuit of sharp rises analls in currency pairs, traders forget abofrom  Whatsapp Mobile Number List accut risk control, increase their size, and sometimes find o hold positions and wait for a short-term correction retracement due to insufficient margin.


The primary purpose of investing is the investor’s personal benefit;
risk, even if the object of investment is a reliable asset.
The source of investment is personal funds absorbed or borrowed from outside.

Venture Capital – High-tech Early

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The income of the company, the reserves, etc. are all personal (own) funds.

Borrowed funds are credits or loans obtained for business purposes. Usually, such funds are used for a certain period of time with further returns.

Fundraising is funds received in financial markets, for example, from the issue of securities or other capital.

The process of putting money into making a pro an Mailing Lead envirofit is callcoming from  to useed investing. In fact, almost everyone is investing now. Because education is also an investment in the future, because with knowledge and a diploma, one can find a good job with income.

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