The business account profile shows location information

Your activity on Instagram becomes much clearer when you map out your own goals. Is your goal to make your company known and visible? Do you perhaps want more readers for your blog?

Once you have clarified for yourself what you are aiming for with your Instagram account, you can prepare a more precise strategy.

In the strategy, for example, you can define which topics you plan to publish content on,

And what style you could use in your publications. Also think about your publication pace.Are you going to publish something daily or, for example, two or three times a week. A strategy doesn’t have to be long, complicated or set in stone. The main thing is that you use it to bring a little planning to your own activities.

As an independent entrepreneur, you can think Russia Phone Number List  about .Whether you use your own personal instagram account to promote your business. Or whether you prefer to create a separate. Account for your company. Whatever you do, you should make your account a business account. You can do this in the account settings. And a “Contact us” button. With a business account, you also get more information about your followers.The visitor data of your profile and the accessibility of your publications.

You should always add at least your username and profile picture to your Instagram profile. In addition to these, you can add information about yourself or your account to the profile, as well as a link to possible websites.

Feed publications

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As mentioned, you can upload photos and videos to Instagram. You can either shoot them via the Instagram application (on mobile) or Mailing Lead  download them from your own files. Feed publications are automatically limited to a square model and you can also edit them in Instagram before publication; for example, you can select a filter for the images or adjust their brightness.

Finally, you can add a caption to the publication, which appears below the published image/video. It is a good idea to add appropriate subject tags, i.e. hashtags, to the caption. You can also tag other users and add a location to the publication.

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