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Other COVID- ideas – SempaiTeam brainstorming Vouchers A great initiative was shown by the nationwide Pijalnia Wódki chain. Due to the closure of all premises. It offer users to purchase vouchers to be us after the end of the epidemiological threat. Covid- vouchers Moving to online with consulting services If our profession. Requires constant contact with customers. At this point we are mostly forc to use the tools that the Internet provides us with. Today, there are tons of platforms that you can use to work online with other people, such as Google. Hangout, Skype, WhatsApp and even Facebook Messenger.

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There are a huge number of instant messengers available on the web, both free and paid. Freebies for orders “solidarity” It is worth showing that we stand in solidarity with our clients. Not being able to move freely can cause some of us a lot Australia Email List of discomfort. Therefore, a small gesture in the form of a “Thank you for staying at home” card can not only have a very good impact on the image of our company, but also spread through word of mouth. It’s not very expensive, and it’s fun Leaving orders at the door Another noteworthy initiative, this time from the catering industry.

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Many restaurants have decid that from now on, every delivery will be done by delivering the order to the door – which allows you to keep a safe distance from the delivery person roxy burgers covid- CSR actions In times of the COVID- crisis, every Mailing Lead manifestation of solidarity with mical staff matters. Here again gastronomy comes into action with initiatives such as PosiłekDlaLekarza. That’s what Nice Burger does Production reorganization More and more companies across Poland are starting to reorganize production to help healthcare in the fight against.

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