Tell about your business activities and its stages in your personal channels as well

For a starting entrepreneur, it is important to be visible to potential customers and make a good first impression. Even before starting the activity or at the very beginning, it is good to focus and invest in your appearance. This way, your potential customers have a chance to find you when they are looking for a service provider.

High-quality, easy-to-use and clear websites are an essential part


of a company’s visibility. Websites can be made by yourself or ordered from a professional. If the entrepreneur has basic digital skills, creating Hong Kong Phone Number List  websites himself is not at all impossible. With easy website platforms, such as WordPress or Wix, making pages yourself is quite simple. Get tips for creating simple websites here . For example, a renovator should appear in local Facebook groups and perhaps also share pictures of the results of their work on Pinterest, where inspiration for home renovations is often sought.


Thing on the website is to present essential information clearly and that

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the pages are also visible in search engines when your potential customers are looking for a service provider. So first think about what your customer wants to know about your company and build your page accordingly so that the customer can easily find the information they need.

For example: If you offer communication consulting, describe the services concretely on your website – you can create, for example, three different Mailing Lead  packages of your services with prices. In this way, it is easy for the customer to browse through the services you offer and choose the package that suits him or request an offer by combining the services of different packages. In addition to websites, it is good for the company to set up accounts on relevant social media channels. We used to think about where your customers are – now we follow them and set up social media accounts in the channels that your potential customers are most actively using and where they are looking for information.

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