Take advantage of referrals as soon as you get your first customer

Whether there are 10 or 1000 suitable candidates in the results, the recruiter usually starts going through the list from the beginning. He is likely to immediately contact the first candidate whose profile seems to fit the open position in every way.

12. It is possible to show that you are looking for employees or a job on LinkedIn. How do you see the use of these functions?



As a purple badge with the text #hiring. The job search, on the other hand, is shown as a green sign with the words  opentowork. There are two opinions about these too; for others, these markings are a symbol of despair.

However, I personally find these useful. They are Greece Phone Number List a convenient way to introduce yourself and get interested employees or recruiters to contact you.

If you are serious about looking for a job, you should once again make yourself as easily reachable as possible on LinkedIn. So don’t just let recruiters guess if you might be interested in new positions, show them that you are! The Open to work badge is a great way to do this.


The fact that a LinkedIn user is looking for employees is shown in their profile picture

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For example, if I myself were looking for an accountant and I noticed a user on LinkedIn who works as an accountant and who, on top of that, says Mailing Lead  open to work in his profile , I would definitely click on his profile and get in touch. But if that entry wasn’t there, I wouldn’t necessarily pay attention to that user.

13. How do you see the future of LinkedIn?
LinkedIn has long had a monopoly on the job market – but I believe this will change. It is very likely that it will meet a competitor somewhere.

One scenario is that LinkedIn starts pricing its services more aggressively, and it becomes more expensive to use; in this case, for example, startup companies or sole proprietors cannot afford to use it in the same way. I hope that won’t happen.


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