Brightening the brand is much more than sugar on

“This is exactly what we wrestle with in everyday life, and there are not the same rules that would work for everyone,” he begins.

In Repo’s opinion, a good rule of thumb for any company is that you don’t have to keep anything. At the same time, however, the company may have familiarity and recognizability through its history, which influences the purchasing decisions of target groups through familiarity and safety. From this point of view, the preservation of some elements is therefore desirable. Also, by investing in communication. The current customer base can be kept under control throughout the reform, so that the changes do not make them leave the company.


An entrepreneur may have many reasons to rebrand their company, and that’s a good thing, because by renewing you automatically get attention.

A brand is born whether the entrepreneur wants it or not. Visual forms, messages or advertisements. That customers may recognize are Oman Phone Number List interwoven into it. In reality, however, the company’s. Brand branches much deeper than the surface. Its shaping is also influenced by the thoughts of the personnel. The company’s. Service paths and all the visibility and experiences. That customers have.

If an entrepreneur thinks that he will manage his company’s brand renewal only with a new logo and changing colors, he has not thought the process through to the end.

 But how does an entrepreneur identify the elements worth saving and giving up? Or would it be worth remaking everything at once?

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“The brand and communication should reflect the correct operation of the company. It’s not just sugaring that you put on top of something. You Mailing Lead  have to brighten up what already exists and not try to show yourself to be something else”, describes  CEO of the brand agency PopUp Media .

Repo works on branding every day. He clarifies the companies’ messages and answers the entrepreneurs’ questions. On weekdays about .What the company should keep in connection .With rebranding and.  That’s just the question.