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The second option is to schule a live stream. Thanks to this, you will set the exact day and time, and Facebook will additionally, after you plan your activities, publish a post reminding you about live for your recipients on your page or profile. Why is schuling more effective than drop-in transmission? You will reach a larger audience by informing them earlier You’ll be ready to connect with your viewers You are more sure that a large group of recipients will gather on the other side – it’s like buying a ticket for a screening at a specific time – your viewers will already be in front of their computer and phone screens, additionally.

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They have the option of receiving a reminder about the plann broadcast when it is broadcast will take off. Ready for CHANGES. Let’s start! First, where Andorra Email List to find Creator Studio? You can find them in Ads Manager or from your business page. On the left is the “Create” button. After clicking, several options will unfold – select “live streams”. Facebook Creator Studio You will be rirect to a subpage. A large rectangle will appear at the beginning ready to display your online broadcast. Don’t be scar. On the left, you have the option to schule a stream.

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Facebook Creator Studio At the very bottom, you have the option to confirm schuling a live broadcast after you set the date and time. Facebook Creator Studio However, before you hit schuling confirmation, it’s worth seeing what your stream reminder Mailing Lead post will look like. In addition, Facebook provides you with additional materials that you can familiarize yourself with. Facebook Creator Studio Finally, something you can add to your broadcast – a poll. What’s important if you create a poll through Creator Studio and enable the broadcast from your website – it’s not a problem! Polls will still work. did you get here? Then you are ready.