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However, does it build a bond and inspire the user’s trust in your company? The power of live transmission lies in its naturalness. And it does not manifest itself only in the lack of tuning in the appearance of the presenter, that we will notice a scar, a pimple or an imperfect hairstyle in Mrs. Zosia, who smiles at you and gives you information that is important to you, that’s why you watch her. You don’t see these imperfections, and if you notice them – they go to the background, because what is more important is that she is talking TO YOU. A living being, a man whom you may also know privately.

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Whose naturalness is also shown in the way of speaking, in movements and gestures. It convinces you. You know her, you trust her, you will buy Algeria Email List a product from her, because she had the courage to show herself and you know that it is her – Zosia – not a dry fragment of the text. Live broadcasts will spread and enter our everyday life more and more. Am I happy about it? Yes. This is the next level of online communication. Equally unexplor, equally surprising in the new programs and functions that Facebook makes available to us. But it is also an opportunity for our development.

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Facebook CREATOR STUDIO step by step Facebook Creator Studio Creator Studio is a Facebook tool creat specifically to professionally set up a live broadcast so that it is effective and brings the intend effect. It is a good habit to schule online Mailing Lead broadcasts. You can do it in two ways If you have already broadcast online, inform your audience that the next broadcast will take place on a specific date and time. You can also publish a post with information that such a live will take place – although Facebook also thought about it, replacing you with this task.