Start customer acquisition nearby

Be where your potential customers are – that is, on social media! It is a convenient channel where you can be seen, heard and communicate interactively.

So create your own social accounts for your activities; think for yourself which channels suit you best. The most important ones include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, and in addition to these, many also use Pinterest and Snapchat.

With the help of accounts, you can make your activities known to the public in many ways;


with the help of pictures, videos and texts, customers get information about your products and services, and they can decide what they want to order from you even before contacting you. It’s also easy for them to contact you via Facebook.


There are plenty of services online where small business owners, freelancers and other self-employed people can show off their skills! In some Indonesia Phone Number List  of the services, you can participate directly in tenders for orders, in others, instead, you focus on building your own portfolio. Listed below are a few of these options:You can also advertise your services in the traditional way on bulletin boards; these can be found, for example, in the lobbies of shops and educational institutions. Depending on your products or services, you can also participate in various events and vendors!

Do you already know certain companies or clients that you think would benefit from your services? In addition to marketing your activities generically, you should contact such destinations directly.

So open your computer or pick up the phone, and feel free to contact us! Introduce yourself and your skills and tell how you could be of help.

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This kind of “Telephone sales” can seem exhausting and even scary, but it is very useful. You should be prepared for the fact that you won’t immediately get Mailing Lead  a huge pile of gigs. However, you can ask for direct feedback on your activity.Which is also absolutely important in view of the development of your activity.

In the best case. However, you can get yourself gigs through direct contact!

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