Pricing your own work – 7 tips to earn more

If you have done paid work in the past, you are certainly used to the fact that the salary is reported as a gross salary. In this case, your employer pays you not only your future gross salary but also employer contributions .

However, as a freelancer, you should note that the UAE Phone Number List price agreed with the client is not the same as the gross salary. The amount of the invoice should cover the required authority fees, value added taxes, allowance for vacation and sick time, procurement of work equipment and the expenses caused by the work, so you should invoice more than what your gross salary would be in an employment relationship .

When pricing your own work, you should remember to consider at least the following:

insurance premiums
materials and supplies
traveling expenses
vacation and sick leave allowance
telephone costs and internet connection
the discounts you offer
professional literature & trainings
All of these should therefore be included in your invoice price. Also note that the number of assignments may vary seasonally and during quieter periods you may not be able to do as much work for clients.

Think about how much you would like to earn in a Mailing Lead month or a year and calculate how much this requires invoicing so that you have the desired amount in hand after expenses.

With the income calculator for a small business owner , you can calculate how much of the billing amount is left over or how much you should bill in order to get a certain amount as your net salary.

It is good to separate the part of the work and the travel and material costs related to the work performance when creating the invoice. This makes sense not only from a tax point of view, but also makes it easier for the customer to understand what the price consists of.

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2. Find out what others are charging
Research what your competitors are charging. You will find good guidelines for pricing your own work when you familiarize yourself with the pricing of the industry.

Prices may not be displayed, but you can ask advice from other freelancers or trade unions. If the industry has a collective agreement, you can find out the minimum wage level. If you are unsure about the price, set your own price according to the industry average.

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