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We live in very dynamic times. And although this sentence appear long before the pandemic due to the ultra-fast development of technology, now it has taken on a completely different, unpleasant connotation for most. However, forc change, if not paralyz by it, can result in action – much more creative than ever. The slogan of the zostańwdomu action echoes from every side and rightly so! But “staying at home” doesn’t have to mean “staying and I don’t know what to do next”. Social networks come to our aid, including Facebook and the era of live broadcasts, which is taking new industries by storm, forcing their representatives to overcome shame and fear.

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Professional Facebook ADS campaigns Check out our >> OFFER << Online beauty salon Yes, that’s right, I didn’t get the title of this part of the article wrong. You may be surpris by this fact, but it’s one of the most creative ideas I’ve found online C Level Executive List during the ongoing pandemic. Unfortunately, beauty salons are one of the industries most affect by the pandemic. Can all cosmetic services be mov online? Of course not. But right now, that’s one possible way out. Why? Let me start with some stats million Poles actively use social mia. This is of the total population of our country. of them connect with them using a smartphone. use them regularly.

C Level Executive List

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Facebook is also the second most popular website in Poland. It is surpass only by Google. As many as million businesses have a Facebook page. I will be boldly tempt to say that you are not on Facebook your business does not exist! Currently, it is Mailing Lead one of the most effective forms of attracting customers. What you have seen so far in the hairdressing salon has mov to the beautician in the waiting room and is here → on FACEBOOK! Okay, but how to perform well known to us – women treatments such as microdermabrasion, cleansing or a beautifying or revitalizing treatment.

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