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Our customers are sitting at home, so let’s show products that will make their everyday life easier COVID- ABOUTYOU free delivery This is one of the most popular ways to attract both new users and regular customers to our e-shop. The cost varies depending on the industry and the specifics of the product its weight, but it is worth considering this option. After all, all our potential customers are staying at home! Let us also remember that we must provide users with a type of delivery that they will feel safe with. At this point, parcel lockers are gaining in popularity due to the lack of direct contact with the supplier covid- hebe.

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That’s what Hebe does More payment choices Due to the current epidemic, cash is rapidly disappearing. This means that it is worth considering introducing more popular payment methods. This is about classic transfers, fast online transfers Armenia Email List PayU payment platforms debitcrit cards, mobile payments BLIK, installment purchases. Installment programs In industries where the offer range is characteriz by a high price, it is worth providing users with the option of spreading the purchase into installments. Many people fear that the crisis will also affect their wallets.

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Spreading payments in installments will allow them to better control the amount of expenses and plan them for the near future. Awareness activities Let’s make sure that despite the situation, users are aware that … we exist Especially now, when most of them are on the Internet. This is the perfect time to increase your brand awareness. For Mailing Lead example, active blogging or social mia may work well in the case of a make-up artist who cannot currently provide her services due to the epidemiological threat. Advice on daily care of the skin of the face will allow her to gather a lot of fans around her, and after the restrictions are over, she will be able to return to her business much faster.

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