Is your brand ready for a surprising knock on the door?

An entrepreneur usually starts thinking about a brand renewal when there is a change of ownership or generation. Other reasons are changes in values, visions and operating methods. The company may also expand or start manufacturing completely new products or services. All equally good reasons to brighten the brand.

Repo continues with one more thought, which he says he just read from an international investor, influencer and TV star named

“Every business owner should be ready for a buyer or investor to walk through the door tomorrow.”


It is an important moment when the value of the company is measured directly in money. And that moment can come very unexpectedly. A good  Philippines Phone Number List brand increases the value of the company. Or the brand is so bad that it is seen as a disadvantage. The buyer may regret that he should immediately roll up his sleeves and start renovation work, so that the company is seen as more valuable.

Repo urges entrepreneurs to be aware of the matter early enough.

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“Sometimes a brand renewal is done because the Mailing Lead  company is going to be sold in the next few years and the branding is used to increase the sales value of the company.”

If you ask Repo, however, brightening the company’s brand should be mandatory for all entrepreneurs at regular intervals, just for the reason that it is profitable. It always brings with it visibility and raises the company’s attention value again. And it’s not just about customers, but also partners, stakeholders and our own personnel. The new brand also builds a better employer image.

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