Is rebranding really necessary

If, on the other hand, the entrepreneur has determined that .New customer base will not be born and the old brand simply does not work, the change can be sought more radically. The motive for resetting everything. Can even be the company’s old problems.

“If you want to present yourself as a new player and leave behind, say, a previous. Bad reputation, then the most effective solution. May be to start with a clean slate. Even the name can be changed.”

Repo also makes entrepreneurs. Think about their own motives. Because even though brightening the brand at regular. Intervals is profitable for the company. It shouldn’t be an absolute value either.

For example, is the fact that the entrepreneur wants to immediately put his own stamp


on the business he just bought and make it look just like himself, a valid enough reason for a brand reform?

“It’s not such a black and white thing. I would stop to think for myself if it (branding) is necessary for the company and the operation or if it is more of a personal desire of the entrepreneur. If the change of person affects the business and the company’s identity, then I would say yes.”

If the entrepreneur already subscribes Pakistan Phone Number List  to the company’s values ​​and is able to stand behind its operations, it is not worth rushing headlong into reform efforts.

“Would another time in the future be better? You shouldn’t make big decisions hastily and too emotionally. You can’t always innovate to your heart’s content, but an entrepreneur must have a systematic, reliable and credible continuum of how the company’s operations and value propositions appear internally and externally.”

In addition, rebranding is a process that takes its own time.

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“You have to be patient when rebranding. It’s not  Mailing Lead  some overnight magic wand. It is long-term development work for growth. There’s no need to wait for bags of money at the door right away, it’s an investment in the future, in the company and its growth.”


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