Is Instagram right for me and my business

For all entrepreneurs, Instagram may not bring a significant additional benefit; this is influenced not only by the willingness of the entrepreneur to use it, but also by the industry of his company. Whether Instagram is a good choice for you depends on the quality of your business and what kind of posts you have planned to make on Instagram.

Instagram is perfect for your marketing if your activities as an entrepreneur are such that you get interesting image and video content. The service is intended specifically for visual content and storytelling. For example, if you sell products, Instagram is a good place to present them with pictures and videos.


What is my customer base like?

However, the possibilities offered by Instagram are not limited to products that can be touched by hand. The entrepreneur can also present there the services they offer or their own premises (such as a store or restaurant). In the case of these, especially the video presentations capture the viewer’s attention.

As always when planning marketing, here, too, you should consider your own customers – both current and potential. Do you think your target group can be found on Instagram? If yes, you should definitely highlight your business there.

What kind of resources do I have?

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Do you operate alone or do you have a business partner or staff? If more than one person is involved in your company, you can think about Mailing Lead  whether managing Instagram should be your responsibility or someone else’s. If you take it upon yourself, plan how much time and energy you can spend updating it.

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