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You can additionally share the post about the plann broadcast with your friends, on your private profile, in groups of similar interests to build even greater reach! Practical tips for LIVE streaming on Facebook Especially now, when the network can be often congest, check before transmitting that your connection is good enough. Before you start, remember about an interesting and attractive description in your post promoting the upcoming live. Say hello as if it were your customer who is visiting your point of sale. Respond to questions and comments that arise during the stream.

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Thanks to this, you will build relationships and attract more attention from recipients who may have many questions about your product. Regularity also plays an important role. Remember that your broadcasts should be creative, inspiring, but also Angola Email List announce future meetings with you for your viewers. Improv Ecommerce. Deploy it to your Google Analytics account ASAP! Marcin Glowczynski April , You will read in ~ min. enhanc google analytics ecommerce Some of you will ask yourself since my Google Analytics account is already recording sales, what is there to improve? Well, a lot! Launching the improv E-commerce module allows the tool to be fully adapt to the sales funnel in the e-shop, almost doubling the number of available reports, providing more information about the purchasing process.

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Therefore, this is the first step towards conversion optimization, a means to the goal of every marketer, analyst or UX specialist. Minuses? Complicat technical implementation. Don’t let that stop you though. In this small compendium of knowlge Mailing Lead you will find a detail description of the available functions offer by the extend E-commerce module. Differences between standard and enhanc ecommerce in Google Analytics The basic e-commerce code allows you to track transactions … and that’s it. It allows you to specify, among other things Number of orders Total.

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