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That’s how long it took to sell all the semi-finish products for specific facial treatments. Just after the Krakow idea, more salons and SPA salons began to participate in such campaigns. Did they all have professional audio-video equipment? Was this strategy plann by them long in advance? Absolutely not. This was not the overarching value and this was not the PURPOSE of the LIVE broadcast. Further examples of using Facebook LIVE in the Beauty industry BeautyWay Beauty Cabinet ACTION CARE – MOISTURIZING + CREAMS WITH FILTERS Ilona Wolska Personal Cosmetic Advisor – Microdermabrasion – a way to cleanse the face without a beautician?? Permanent makeup.

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Cosmetic treatments Izabela Dulian Beauty Way Malwina Stefaniak – Sonic toothbrush and microdermabrasion treatment? I hope that the examples will inspire you and encourage you to act!Professional Facebook ADS Albania Email List campaigns Check out our >> OFFER << Why Facebook LIVE and not regular posts? Live broadcasts are a tool thanks to which you will build a community around your brand, arouse interest in the product, increase engagement, and finally – sales. I’m guessing that at this point, more options starting with “but” come to your mind BUT there are also posts that are easier for me to write than to show BUT there are also photos that.

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I will it nicely in the program and only in this form I can show myself. So let’s turn the situation around. You see the post. Not one. You see hundrs, thousands of them every day. Many of them you will not notice, you will not read, because our Mailing Lead brain is not able to review everything from A to Z. Ba! You wouldn’t even have enough time for that, because Facebook is ALIVE! If a post sticks in your mind – great! But that’s only a day. it photos. Nothing new. We have all got us to the magic of Facebook, Photoshop or even free programs and applications for our phone.

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