In your introduction, tell us who you are and what you do. 

At the same time, it’s worth asking a question or asking other. Entrepreneurs for their opinion on something – this way you’ll hopefully get a discussion going and you’ll be bette.R remembered by the community members. Talk about something that you are really interested in and that is related to your business. Answer the questions asked by others and the .Private messages. You may receive below your publication.

Write down the names of your new contacts and .What they do and what role they play. They can be new potential customers or cooperation partners. Keep in touch. Find out with each of your new contacts in a friendly conversation whether they are interested in placing an order, buying your services or starting. A collaboration and take the deal or cooperation agreement to the end. Even if it requires a long conversation. For example via private messages on facebook.

What next? This is how you utilize what you learn from the exercises


How did doing the exercises feel? Did any of the exercises stand out as more comfortable than others? It may just be the most suitable marketing New Zealand Mobile Number List method for you – so keep at it!Every small business owner doesn’t have to do all kinds of marketing, but you can experiment to find the most suitable way for you to constantly find new customers.

You are free to combine different methods or focus on the one you like and the most effective. The purpose of these exercises is specifically to help you test different marketing methods and find the most suitable one for you.

So how do you make your marketing continuous and effective?

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We recommend writing down your thoughts and ideas and drawing up a marketing plan for an independent entrepreneur. This way you can Mailing Lead put down on paper which methods you want to use in your marketing, what you want to achieve with them and how you will monitor your success. Marketing can seem challenging and a lot of work for a small entrepreneur, but when you break it down into small parts with the help of a plan and first focus on one or two methods that feel easiest to you, it will slowly become a routine.

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