In the number of social channels, less is actually more!

First of all, you should start thinking about what I’m actually aiming for by making social media. In what way does your company benefit from being visible there – and through what actions would this be best achieved?

Also think about your target group; if you can tell that the people who belong to it use a lot of social media. You should definitely take it over too. Then think about the following in more detail. Who are your customers, I.E. For. Whom will you produce social media content.Which channels are your current and potential customers on. And what kind of content do you think they would be interested in.

Initial mapping of the social media plan

When you have created the framework Turkey Phone Number List for your social work in this way, you can next jump to planning the actual measures in more detail.

There is no unequivocal answer to which channels the company should be on, but each entrepreneur should think about this on his own.

Selection of social channels

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There are plenty of social media channels: there  Mailing Lead is facebook, tiktok , instagram, youtube, linkedin , twitter, pinterest – and many others. However, your company .Does not need to be present in all of these, and it may not be worth it. If you create an account for each service and begin to forcefully create. Publications for each, your company may not project a very professional image to the outside.

A small entrepreneur should take over at least one or two social media channels. At the beginning and invest in their content. Look at it again from the point of view of your .Target audience and think about. Which channels you are most likely to reach them. You can of course switch to more channels later if you find it worthwhile.

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