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It is worth noting that the plugin is available in two versions analyticssdevelopers gtag js Owners of the old ga implementation will unfortunately get away with it. Enhanc e-commerce is not available to them unless they update the tracking code. If you want to check the tracking code version . From your browser, go to your domain . Use the CTRL + U keyboard shortcut to open the page source tab . Use the CTRL + F keyboard shortcut to open the search panel.

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Type “UA-XXX” – where XXX is your ID which you can locate in the panel GA ID . Above the code, locate the appropriate version a Analytics analytics. Gtag gtag Example of an enhanc ecommerce purchase event for analytics Purchase event Argentina Email List example. For gtag enhanc ecommerce Differences between code versions Regardless of the tracking code us, we will get the same functionality. The differences, however, are in the methods of implementation. Using Google Tag Manager and gtag, we have even ways to provide data for the e-commerce plugin Scrape DOM – this name means extracting data directly from the structure of the page.

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This option has many limitations and requires the necessary data to be on the page, which is unlikely in the case of more advanc variables. However, you can use this method to extract basic data and add a few events. Using the Data Layer – By transmitting the necessary data through the data layer, we can easily achieve the full potential of enhanc Mailing Lead e-commerce. However, the syntax is very strict and unforgiving, so you must follow Google’s guidelines exactly. Use of custom JavaScript variables – The solution that offers the most flexibility in adapting your own data to the requirements of the enhanc e-commerce structure.

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