If you give a discount, you should sell more


What you offer as extra can be practically anything, so it’s worth boldly thinking about it from different perspectives. You can also offer, for example, free guidance to your customers or, for example, give your Facebook fans a free design meeting. Only the sky is the limit. If you create the impression that your customers are getting more value for their money, more customers should come to you.

Other options are, for example, a large discount when the customer buys several products, a small discount for new customers (lowering the purchase threshold/new customer acquisition) or a discount tied to a certain time such as “Order by xx:xx and you will get a discount” (time pressure/lowering the purchase threshold).

With Suomen Yrittäjie’s discount calculator, you can easily test how the discount affects the margin.


A male entrepreneur is thinking about the pricing of his work
Play it safe and set your offer high enough that your budget is realistic and you don’t have to ask the customer for more money or time in the middle of the project.

It is important that you get the job done for the price you promised and in the time you promised.

If, on the other hand, the client is in a hurry and asks to do the work with a couple of days’ notice, don’t think that you will be flexible and watch UK Phone Number List  your nights for free, but ask for a higher fee in return for doing the work on a busy schedule.

7. Be prepared for risks
The annoying part of freelance work is clients who don’t pay the invoice on time or don’t pay at all. Always draw up a written contract for the work , which describes the content of the work, price, terms of delivery and payment, responsibilities of the parties and the consequences of changes. The agreement will help you if the customer does not agree to pay the bill. Our invoicing service offers our light entrepreneurs free of charge a contract template prepared by lawyers for assignments.

Also note the payment terms! The payment term is a competitive tool that should be used carefully. For consumer customers, the payment term must be at least 14 days, but for business customers it can be shorter. However, many companies do not accept payment terms of less than 30 days at all.

Tip! However, you can try, for example, to offer a discount for quick payment.

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Most of the time, fortunately, the customer pays the invoice on the due date. However, this does not mean that the salary will be in your account  Mailing Lead on the due date. Bank delays affect the movement of money, and UKKO.fi should also process your expenses and calculate your salary in the meantime. So reserve enough time.

Invoice the work at the latest when the project is completed. If it is a large project, however, it can be good to invoice the customer in a couple of installments or to invoice, for example, 30% of the price, a reservation fee or an amount corresponding to the start-up costs caused by materials in advance.

Please note that when you make an offer , it binds you legally. If you do not know enough details about the work and do not want to give an offer right away, you can present the customer with a cost estimate , which is not as binding.

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