If Gen Z Doesn’t Buy Into Traditional Marketing, How Can We Reach This Golden Public

Highly targeted social media ads aren’t just great ways to get your customer’s attention when they’re sitting at home catching up with their friends on Facebook or Instagram. 

Remember that today’s consumers aren’t just scrolling through social media at home anymore.

People have their phones with them at all times these days and not just in case of an emergency. 

They’re scrolling through their social media feeds as they browse the aisles at the store or wait in line to order their coffee. 

Now imagine they see a geo-targeted ad for your product when they’re already primed and ready to buy. It could be just what they need to drive a purchase.


Increase your Ad Performance

Clever shopper marketing is all about providing the right solution in the right packaging at the right time. 

Because if you can’t or won’t give that type of solution to your ideal customer, your competition happily will. 

Here are some key strategies for nudging your customers in the right direction.

Sometimes even the most experienced telemarketing lists marketers have trouble perceiving their brand and products from the consumers’ perspectives. 

After all, marketing teams see things from right up close, far away from the realities of a customer’s actual life.


Likewise your customer may not know

One of the surest, most effective ways to influence customers to choose your product at the point of sale is to work on becoming a “top of mind” brand. 

Many customers will choose a brand they know and trust over a brand they’ve never heard of, even if it’s more expensive, so work on building that type of connection with your target audience. 

Make sure your customers see you as the Mailing Lead best and understand why they should choose you.

Study the shopping behavior of your target demographic

Although members of your target demographics may have much in common, it’s essential to understand that they’re also individuals. 

They likely come from different walks of life, have diverse core beliefs, and adhere to different shopping patterns. 


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