How to Use Shopper Marketing to Influence POS Decisions


They don’t proceed through a typical buyer’s journey the same way, and they have different expectations about their shopping experience, in general. 

Whether they shop online or in-store, today’s customers want to feel an emotional connection to the brands they buy from, and they’re most loyal to companies that cater to those needs.

That said, modern marketers need to understand the importance of nurturing a potential customer toward a purchase throughout every step of the process. 

Yes, part of that means making them aware of your brand and convincing them to consider purchasing the first place. 

Identifying the Right Data Storage Solution

In contrast, shopper marketing focuses on getting through to a consumer when it truly matters most — right at the point of sale, whether that’s in-store on online.

Think about the last time you went shopping for clothing, electronics, or even groceries. You chose a store, went to the correct aisle or department, and assessed all your choices once you got there. 

Now, assuming all possible price points were at telemarketing list providers least comparable to one another, what made you select one brand or option over all the others?

Unless you walked into the store with a strong preference for one brand over another, the answer likely lies in savvy shopper marketing. 

Here’s a closer look at what shopper marketing tactics can look like in action.

Some products are a lot harder to convince people to impulse-buy than others — like food, to name just one example. 


People know what they like

That’s the logic behind all the delicious free samples you’ll find up for grabs at certain grocery stores. 

Not only do free samples and a chance to “try before you buy” help take away the fear of making a regrettable purchase, but they turn trying something new into an adventure.

Eye-catching signage, displays, or packaging can strongly influence a shopper at purchase time, so it’s worth considering these factors when putting together your campaigns. 

Shopping can be stressful, especially when Mailing Lead done in person, and many people are easily overwhelmed by all the choices.

Anything that helps differentiate one choice from the others in a positive way is often welcome. 

Think end-cap displays that conveniently allow the customer to avoid browsing the actual aisles or gorgeous packaging that makes one product feel more appealing than all the others.

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