How should you build your own network

Emotional and genuine posts get a lot of exposure because people react and comment on them. If you want to maximize visibility, LinkedIn’s algorithms should also be taken into account.

Therefore, the publication should be made at a time when the members of your own network are on LinkedIn; LinkedIn can measure very precisely how quickly and how much the publication is reacted to. If it doesn’t get likes or comments soon, LinkedIn automatically thinks it’s not worth sharing. Little by little, it removes the publication from the walls of all members of the network.

If the publication gets visibility and comments quickly, LinkedIn starts to boost it; this way it appears on more and more people’s walls and gets a huge number of impressions. But the first hour is crucial here.

I myself often publish on Tuesday morning at 8 o’clock.


This is Because the Members of My Target Group Usually Start Their Work Day at Those Times: They Scroll Through E-mail and Social Media. And  Denmark Phone Number List Their Meetings. Often Start Around Nine in the Morning. I Don’t Want It to Happen That My Target.

Taking a Break From Using LinkedIn Also Affects Your Visibility Negatively. For Example, if You Don’t Post Anything for Three Weeks, Linkedin Won’t Give as Much Visibility. To Your Posts After That. So You Should Maintain Your Own Activity by at Least .reacting and Commenting on Other People’s Posts, Even if You Don’t Post Anything Yourself for a While.

7. What kinds of things are worth posting and sharing?

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If you want to strengthen your personal brand on LinkedIn and identify yourself as an expert in a certain field, I would advise you to make Mailing Lead publications that specifically support this goal. But only if you want to stay firmly in your expert bubble.

Some advise that when you start using LinkedIn, you should publish something every day for six months if you want to be visible there. However, in my opinion, it is not worth making publications by force if there is nothing really to say. You can also increase visibility by liking and commenting, as I already mentioned.

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