Does your company lack a social media

Creating content for your company’s social media channels is fun – but if you lack a social media strategy, its benefits are often small. In this article, I will share low-threshold tips for creating a social media strategy and how to make a social media calendar. Through them, you can get more out of your social activities!

Social media is nowadays an integral part of the company’s marketing. Through it, it is possible to reach a large audience conveniently and cost-effectively; that’s why social media is an excellent marketing channel even for a small entrepreneur working alone .

Lost your social media strategy?

Although social media offers a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs. Many unfortunately miss them. Most often it is due to these reasons.

Scarce resources . Not enough time is left for planning and doing social-related activities. Instead, it is taken care of alongside other tasks. Mostly when there is time left. Without a proper social media plan. It will just be random posts or reactions.
Publications are made only for the sake of publication . In other words, it has been decided to make social media because it “Is supposed to be there and publish”. So the posts are easily left without deep conten.Purpose and goals.

A social media strategy provides a means for this. It allows the company to define its own target group, goals, voice and schedule in social media. Without a clear strategy, it is difficult for a company to operate effectively on social media .And communicate there to its target group.

A convenient way to plan a schedule is to create a social media annual clock that maps the measures for the entire current year.

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At ukko.Fi, we constantly beat the drum Mailing Lead  for planning, and we have already published an independent entrepreneur’s business plan and marketing plan . Now I advise you to create a plan for social media as well. However, don’t worry, because as a small entrepreneur you don’t need to prepare any very complicated plan. However. With these few tips, you will already get a sense of humor and ease in your social networking.

In points 1 and 2, I give simple instructions for creating a company’s social media strategy; so if you are completely new to social media, you can familiarize yourself .With them as well. In section 3. I will guide you to the design of the social clock. And in section 4. I will tell you how you can monitor the results.

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