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Unlike the above, client-side scripting languages run off the user’s browser.

It is usually performed at the front end, which makes it visible to visitors and makes it less vulnerable to exploits and leaks. As such, it is often used to build user interfaces and lighter functionality such as that.

Since it runs locally, they usually provide better performance and, therefore, do not strain your server.

Examples: HTML, CSS, jQuery, and JavaScript.

5 Scripting Languages Examples

Now that you know the types, let’s take a closer look at some of the different scripting languages out there to choose from. Each has its own unique advantages and potential uses.

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Also sometimes abbreviated as simply “JS”, JavaScript is probably the best-known scripting language, as it’s a pillar of the web as we know it (right along with HTML and CSS). 

In fact, about 98 percent of websites currently on the web use JavaScript.

JavaScript is considered a subdialect cell phone lists of the ECMAScript language, so it utilizes the same syntax. It also supports key features like first-class functions, dynamic typing, prototype-based object orientation, and more.

Python website

After JavaScript, Python is easily the most popular, best-known scripting language in use today. 

Programmers love it for its sheer ease of use and concise syntax systems, as they can create code significantly more quickly and with less actual typing involved.

Python is also free and open

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PHP is an open-source scripting language commonly used by backend web developers. 

The name began as an acronym for “personal home page” — a callback to PHP’s origins as a way to make static HTML pages more functional and dynamic.

However, modern PHP is very much its own standalone scripting language. 

PHP features object-oriented programming Mailing Lead options and can be easily embedded into HTML documents of all types. Input is also fairly loose and easy, meaning programmers don’t need to declare variable data types.

Ruby website (scripting languages)

Ruby’s claim to fame is its flexibility, making it a favorite among web developers of all types. 


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