Customer acquisition in a nutshell

Especially from a recruiter’s point of view, the endorsements received by LinkedIn users are convincing. For example, if I myself find a person whom I would consider for a customer service job, and he has several endorsements related to these skills on his LinkedIn, I would certainly be convinced of his competence.

There is no direct etiquette for using this function – but just like on social media, Justin Timerlake’s song What goes around, comes around works for this as well . So if you want to get endorsements yourself, actively give them to others. I myself go to endorse a lot of my old colleagues, and they usually return the favor to me.

10. LinkedIn will notify users if someone has visited their profile. Is it better to view other people’s profiles anonymously or openly with your own name?

Some people are left with the idea that viewing other people’s profiles is somehow shameful or “stalking”; this mentality may have been left over from other social media channels. On LinkedIn, however, the main goal of most people is to have their own profile viewed; I saw it myself too. Viewing profiles often leads to networking and new jobs or clients.

Make sure the testimonials appear on your website and social media channels. In the beginning, you should ask customers China Phone Number List   for recommendations whenever it feels natural. For example, on Facebook, you seem more reliable, the larger the number of reviews you have been given.

You always want to trust another customer’s recommendation and experience more than the entrepreneur’s own word about the excellence of their service – so collecting recommendations is really worth it, even if it seems awkward at first!


As mentioned, as an entrepreneur, it would be good to be as easily reachable as possible on LinkedIn. When you go to look at someone’s profile there, that person will often look at your profile. However, if the entrepreneur visits other people’s profiles anonymously, he loses potential customers at the same time.

11. How do recruiters screen good employees from LinkedIn?

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My most popular course covers this very topic!

Recruiters search for talent on LinkedIn Mailing Lead  using keywords; the job advertisement always mentions the specific skills and traits that are required of those applying for the position. The recruiter grabs these words and goes looking for profiles on LinkedIn that mention them. A paid recruitment license is required for this function.

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