Compare the amount of money you spent with how many

The same things are important in social media and search engine advertising. The text must be short and concise, and the ad must be precisely targeted. Now we get to use the points discussed in the previous exercise about where you are better than your competitors. Follow these steps:

Choose one of the points from the previous exercise. Format it as an advertising slogan,

Taking into account your target group, and add a prompt to the order or contact. Keep the sentence short and focus on telling one thing!

For example: “Looking for a personalized gift? Order Malaysia Phone Number List  handmade jewelry made from domestic recycled metal in the online store.” or “A hair professional specializing in wedding hairstyles in the center of Helsinki. See work samples and book an appointment here!”. In some channels, you can also choose a suitable image for the ad.

Create an ad on the channel of your choice. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the operation of the channel’s advertising tool and think carefully about the target group.

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Social media channels and search engines usually offer comprehensive instructions for creating ads themselves, and it’s worth taking advantage Mailing Lead  of them. Targeting to the right people happens a little differently in different channels. For example, on Facebook and Linkedin, you can create a target audience based on their interests, profession and education, or physical location. In search engines, on the other hand, certain search terms are defined by which a person will see your ad when searching.

Also carefully choose the link that opens when you click on your ad. Make contacting or ordering as easy as possible for the person who clicked on your ad.

Finally, check the effectiveness of your ad.

visitors you got to your social media or website through an ad. Also note how many orders or contacts you received. Was the ad worth doing? Can you figure out how the success of the ad could have been improved? Social media advertising doesn’t always work either. Read here

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