Communities and Creators Will Support Your Marketing Strategy in 2022

When we talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, robots, and the metaverse, most of us still treat it as Science Fiction. But, in many ways, some of that is already part of our lives.

One phenomenon that proves that is the rise of Artificially Intelligent influencers. 

They do not exist in real life, but they can win fans and build a loyal audience. They are made of algorithms, not flesh and blood, but they can influence the behaviors of real people.

What explains this? What makes people admire and follow someone who “does not exist”? How do these virtual characters acquire this power of influence?

What are AI Influencers


AI influencers are virtual personalities managed by brands or media agencies and created with computer graphics technology and Machine Learning algorithms.

They are a virtual, computerized version of phone lists digital influencers — that is, real people who have gained fame and influence through social media, blogs, and other online channels.

Similar to actual users, AI influencers have millions of followers, a loyal and engaged audience, and the power to influence the behavior and lifestyle of their fans. 

This is why they are also in the sights of brands who want to associate themselves with powerful and influential personalities — even if they don’t exist in the real world.


On the other hand

AI influencers have a layer of technology based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, adding to the complexity of their characters. 

In this way, these personalities can not Mailing Lead only appear in photos or move around in videos for social media, but they can also interact virtually with users as if they were real people. 

This happens automatically, without any human intervention, other than during the development of the systems.

As these robots interact with users in text form or virtual realities, they learn about human language and behavior, increasingly becoming similar to real humans.

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