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Learn more about measurement on our YouTube Can focus more channel: MRACE®: Measure – What should be measur in the different ? Are you just staring at one gauge? From the customers point of view. interest is often follow by only one metric – be it a contact form or some other defin most important conversion. such as a purchase event. However. it does not tell the whole truth about whether social mia marketing works or not. Lets think like this. A person is thinking about roof renovation in the near future.

Social mia advertising is target

Then the roofing companys to him bas on the fact that he lives in a detach house. A potential business email list customer sees the ad. investigates the issue. but does not make a request for an offer because the issue is not yet relevant. However. it leaves a mark – a memory mark for the customer and a remarketing opportunity for us. If we only think about those who sent the request for quotation form. then it could be conclud that the advertising does not work. but in this case it has already done part of its task.

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business email list

But a priority and long-term results and now Im campaigns. but about doing the basics. Few months are the same as the last. The last few years Mailing Lead have also shown that even comparing the last few years to each other is difficult when the corona pandemic and the general world situation affect everything . The whole is what counts. I also dont mean that you should hide your head when you have a bad month. Digital marketing is constant reaction.

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