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But this can also be explained by the relevance of the interactions — as they are machines, they know exactly what to answer to get more engagement.

Comparison of virtual influencers engagement rate with human influencers.

2. Narrative freedom

When brands negotiate with AI influencers, they are not dealing with a real personality.

In fact, they are negotiating with a media team, which can create a fully customized narrative for the brand. 

Everything can be the way the partner brand wants it to be — as long as the actions are consistent with the influencer’s personality. 

Therefore, brands have more control over the narrative and creative freedom to develop the ideal character for their strategies. 


Power of storytelling

This kind of strategy associates technology and innovation with your brand image since we are talking about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the Metaverse. 

If it is interesting to associate these values phone list with your brand, it is worth making partnerships with AI influencers.

Take, for example, this Samsung Galaxy ad, which is a partnership with , one of the world’s best known virtual influencers:

Millennials and Generation Z are still unfamiliar with some of the new features of the Internet and technology. But the Alpha generation, born as of 2010, is already growing up in the digital age.

These new generations will interact with technologies much more naturally and emotionally. 


They will be the protagonists of an era that is much more interactive and immersive with technologies, marked by an effective relationship between humans and machines.

Connecting With New Generations

Therefore, the Alpha generation — and the ones that will follow — will interact with virtual characters much more closely. 

This way, brands can take advantage of Mailing Lead partnerships with these personalities to approach these new consumers.

Examples of AI influencers

Want to understand in practice how artificially intelligent influencers act? Let’s look at some examples that are already active on social networks!

But it is important to know that these profiles may have AI technology involved in their development, but they do not interact with users automatically yet. 

For now, they are just CGI influencers, with a team behind them that makes the posts and interactions with users.

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