Build a solid foundation for your visibility and you’ll make a good first impression

You can start by thinking about who your customers are in general. Are they individuals or companies? Where do your customers live, how old are they, and are they predominantly male or female? What is their income level and what kind of purchases do they make?

For example: if you offer renovation services to private individuals, your customers probably live in the same place as you, they own an apartment or a house and they need to renovate it. In addition, you can pretty safely assume that your customers will appreciate being able to put your bills


Established a company or started a light entrepreneurship, but there are no customers – how do you go about looking for customers and where can you find the first customers? In this article, we give concrete tips for looking for customers.

The first customers bring the entrepreneur the. First income and at best they also act as valuable recommenders who start the radio and Germany Phone Number List bring in new customers. The first customers are therefore extremely important to an entrepreneur. And finding that very first one is often the most difficult step.

How can an entrepreneur ensure finding his first customer. What things should be taken into account in the initial stages of business operations. So that customer. Acquisition starts rolling properly. These tips will get you started:

Define your target group and describe your ideal customer

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As a first-time entrepreneur, you should focus concretely on finding your customers – where do they spend their time, what magazines do they Mailing Lead  read and what radio channels do they listen to? By doing a bit of your own research, you can get an idea of ​​what your potential customer is like and where to find them. You should set aside plenty of time for research and do your background work carefully. Also write down the information you find out so that you can come back to it later.

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