Be active towards other users as well

In all social media channels. You should remember regularity. The more actively you maintain them and publish content in them. The more certain the publications will also be visible to the followers of the account. So keep your instagram account active!


Of course, you don’t have to publish every day. And sometimes there can be long breaks in publishing for one reason or another. However, think about what is the right pace for you, and prepare a schedule plan for your publications accordingly.

Add information about your company to your profile and a link to its website

This was already covered in the “Using Instagram” section; you should definitely add an introductory text about yourself and/or your business  Switzerland Phone Number Listto your profile information, i.e. “bio”. This way, visitors to your profile can know at a glance what your activities are all about!

For example, if you are a photographer, mention in your bio what kind of pictures you take and in which areas you shoot.

However, you have to be concise here, because a very long text does not fit in the bio.

2. Think about what kind of content serves your followers

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On Instagram, you can easily increase your Mailing Lead  recognition and increase the engagement of your customers. However, it is worth spending time planning the content and thinking about how you would get the attention of your followers and what kind of publications would be useful for them.

You should publish other types of content besides just product images. If you have a bakery, for example, it might not be worth publishing pictures and videos only of finished baked goods.

Anyway, don’t flood your feed with posts completely unplanned; instead, think about what you want to offer your audience and how they can get the most out of your Instagram activity.

In addition to product and service images, you can, for example, share tips from your field. For example, if you are an entrepreneur in the sports industry, exercise videos and training tips are of course a good idea. The various trainings also work great in video format: so publish them in your stories and in live mode, and later capture them in your highlights!

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