Bad recruitment experiences were ultimately instructive

Pelli has worked as a recruitment expert for five years. However, his path to working life was not completely uncomplicated.

After graduating as a tradesman from Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, Pelli completed his master’s studies in recruitment and HR. With his good education and grades, he believed he would find a job quickly; however, this proved difficult despite several applications.

“I received very few interview invitations, and many companies did not contact me at all after I sent the application. I decided that as long as I get to work as a recruiter myself, I will make the recruitment processes as pleasant and functional as possible.”

He points out that, of course, few recruiters intentionally want to create a bad experience


for anyone, even though many recruitment processes leave applicants with a bad taste in their mouths.

“Most often poorly managed recruitment is due to the organization and the tools that the recruiter has been given.”

The LinkedIn app
In the end, Pelli found work in his field in Belgium Phone Number List  Stockholm and has since returned to Finland. Nowadays he works as a consultant at Taito Research . In his work, he has gotten used to using LinkedIn on a daily basis, and decided to start sharing the lessons he learned from it for others to use as well.

“LinkedIn is a great tool, but many people don’t know how to use it properly. There are a huge number of skilled workers. But they don’t always know how to bring out their skills in the best way,” states Hannu.

It’s also important for an entrepreneur to stand


phone number list


1. In what ways is LinkedIn a more useful social media channel for entrepreneurs than, for example, Facebook and Instagram?
LinkedIn is the most effective sales channel specifically from the point of view of job search, sales and growing your own network.

On Facebook and Instagram, on the other hand, your Mailing Lead usually focuses on your personal life. You can find jobs and customers through them too, and there are good groups on Facebook related to entrepreneurship and sales. LinkedIn, however, clearly focuses more on business and working life.

LinkedIn is also the number one tool for targeted customer acquisition. Even with a free account, you can easily search for people by title, industry, company or place of residence.

For entrepreneurs, this is an easier way to find potential customers and partners than, for example, cold calls, because when making them, the entrepreneur usually only knows the name and title of the person they are calling. Instead, through Linkedin, he can get a lot of information about this person even before making contact. Of course, this requires some research work from the entrepreneur, but it will certainly also reward!

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