At the end of the financial year at the latest,

If you ask Repo, however, brightening the company’s brand should be mandatory for all entrepreneurs at regular intervals, just for the reason that it is profitable. It always brings with it visibility and raises the company’s attention value again. And it’s not just about customers, but also partners, stakeholders and our own personnel. The new brand also builds a better employer image.

Of course, only the tip of the iceberg remains visible from the branding work, but it shines brightly outwards, telling the story of development, growth, renewal.

When thinking about the brand, the entrepreneur also gets the necessary pause to think about what the company now represents, how it communicates and to whom. The entrepreneur starts to think again about who his target group is. Perhaps the attention will be focused on sales and things that develop functionality. Perhaps the purchase path and search engine optimization will be re-evaluated for websites. From all this consideration, the company gets important building blocks for growth and development.

But rebuilding a brand is above all inspiring for the entrepreneur himself.


According to Repo, it is a re-enthusiastic Poland Phone Number List process that should not be feared. If the employees still get to participate in the work, in the best case, the company’s ranks will tighten and it will bring a boost to its own forces.

And it shows on the outside. In other words, communicates the company’s brand.

As Repo himself knows very well as an entrepreneur, you shouldn’t do everything alone. What you can’t master yourself, you should give it to a competent person to save time, money and nerves.

“When it comes to your own reform and an important process, it’s worth taking outside help. Since the topic is so close to the entrepreneur, then you also see too close. It can be really hard to get a bird’s eye view on your own,” he says and continues.

“Branding professionals innovate and ideate with you, they listen and challenge,

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And finally make a guaranteed implementation, for example in the form of a brand book and marketing.”

If an entrepreneur is planning a rebranding, Repo  Mailing Lead advises to look for lessons and examples across industries, from toothpaste tubes to electricity companies.

“Don’t just look at the competitors for what they’ve done. Their level may not be where it could be either.”

So how do you know that the brand renewal was successful? As it became clear earlier in the discussion, the results cannot be followed immediately. However, Repo instructs you to monitor business figures.

“In all activities, the metrics tell about success. It is good to show follow-up to the brand renewal and it naturally combines with all marketing measures.  we will see how the actions taken in marketing have produced results, but the benefits of a successful brand renewal will be visible for several years.

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