Also use highlights in your profile

Since the competition is really tough in every industry, standing out from other players in the same industry is the be-all and end-all. People are interested in personality.Authenticity and different stories. Customers also like to see what kind of person is behind the product or service. So you can use yourself as a trump card and bring out your own. Personality perfectly in your instagram posts!

Also remember to post pictures and videos you took yourself. Image bank contents are not very personal.And especially the free ones are used by many other brands on their social media. Your business is unique. So it’s worth highlighting it on social media as well and giving your product or service a face. If you are not particularly good at photography yourself. You can put someone else in charge.

 Fix the pictures and videos

In the early days of Instagram, some pretty jagged pictures were posted there; however, this has since changed. Entrepreneurs in particular Thailand Phone Number List should publish good quality and clear content that shows or shows something interesting.

However, in addition to smooth PR photos, you can also publish casual content. Stories and live videos in particular can be very authentic. You can sometimes publish content “behind the scenes” for example about your own activities or your personnel; this kind of content engages, engages and stops the thumb scrolling quickly.

Take advantage of Instagram Live

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Filming a live broadcast can seem exciting if you haven’t done it before. However, Instagram Live is an excellent communication channel that is worth taking over. Here are a couple of reasons for that:

  1. In general, people prefer to watch video content on social media rather than, for example, read long texts. With a live broadcast, you can easily attract the attention of your followers.
  2. Lives stick to the top of your followers’ stories and stay there throughout the broadcast. Your followers will also be notified of your live status if they happen to be active on Instagram when your broadcast starts.
  3. Because viewers can comment during live broadcasts, your followers can easily connect with you through them – and you, in turn, with them!

Although making live videos can be intimidating Mailing Lead  at first, you can do them with a fairly low threshold and a relaxed approach.

The possibilities for using Instagram Live are very wide: you can hold a question-and-answer session for your followers, for example, present your premises or take a live picture of the events you participate in. In addition, you can of course make different tutorials. If you want your followers to be able to watch your live videos even after the broadcast ends, save them as highlights in your own profile.

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