Affinity Marketing: Definition and Best Practices for Mutual Success

The idea is to associate your brand and the products you sell with a customer’s core values, desired lifestyle, or sense of community with others like themselves. 

Differentiated marketing generally comes alongside carefully chosen imagery and messaging that helps support these goals.

On the other hand, companies that ultimately want to appeal to as many people as possible need to take care not to make any single demographic feel excluded. 

The broad reach of undifferentiated marketing is ideal for this. Think campaigns that focus on selling points that would appeal to every person interested in that product — value pricing, efficiency, availability, and so forth.

It’s also important to note that you don’t need to stick to either of the above approaches permanently. 

Great Examples of Undifferentiated Marketing

World-famous manufacturers of everyday products generally aim to mass-market using undifferentiated strategies. 

But, again, the idea is to reach as many people as possible and potentially become a household name. Here are some great examples of brands that have mastered this.

Ask just about anyone to name a brand phonelist that’s truly a household name, and Coca-Cola is highly likely to be one of the first examples to come to mind. 

Ever since the brand first launched in 1893, Coke has gone above and beyond to help its signature soft drink appeal to as many people as possible on a global basis. 

It does this by associating its brand assets and products with time-honored concepts like togetherness, connection, wholesomeness, and tradition.


M&M’s are simple but delicious

After all, what person with a sweet tooth doesn’t like colorful, bite-sized pieces of silky milk chocolate? 

The minds behind M&M’s create marketing material designed to capitalize on this by appealing to people of all ages, young and old. 

Common themes include the idea of bringing people together and embracing the fun in life at every age.

When you think of toothpaste, a few brands Mailing Lead probably come immediately to mind, and Colgate is likely one of them. 

Like most brands that take an undifferentiated approach to their marketing, Colgate’s signature product — its toothpaste — isn’t meant to serve one demographic over another. 

That said, their marketing efforts tend to focus on how well the product works, how economical it is, and other selling points with the potential to convert just about any sales prospect.

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